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We are the long term partner with Finance Society, Investment Club, and Business Society of UK's top universities
In partnership, we advance together with our customers' finance career

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Proven track record of our students receiving full time and internship offers from world's top financial institutions
Whole team of current and ex investment bankers, private equity professionals with extensive industry knowledge


City Sail gave me a very comprehensive insight into IB’s business and in particular the personalities and abilities each division calls for. When networking with analysts and associates during my internship, I was able to cut the sh*t and talk about real stuff they face every day. This brought our conversation to a new level of engagement. The solid technical knowledge learnt from City Sail’s course also laid ground for confidence during group exercises and presentations. Overall, it was very helpful. I would not recommend City Sail for any aspiring ibankers-to-be though… Why would I want some kick-ass competition in face?!

John Credit Suisse intern offer holder, IBD complete course student

Very helpful. Excellent systematic introduction into financial modelling and valuation

William JPM intern offer holder; LSE Management student

I took the full Investment Banking Valuation, Methodologies class with City Sail. I’m really pleased that I just got the offer from Goldman.

Midi Goldman Summer Intern Offer Holder

I enjoyed the class very much. The structure of the class is very good and handout is very clear.

Bella UBS IBD Offer Holder

Really helpful in terms of interview skills. I learned more insights in terms of what analysts do, and improved my financial understanding. Better understanding of what questions to be asked and how to answer them as well. The full valuation class enhanced my ability to build a DCF model.

Shujun Investment Banking Valuation Class Student

I learned more specific valuation methodologies, modelling methods and financial analysis skills. [The class is] very interactive and contents heavy. Good for concentration in class

Arena Investment Banking Valuation Class Student

I’ve learnt a lot from the class. Very helpful! Thank you!

Biying Investment Banking Valuation Class Student

The first time I met with CitySail was in a workshop panel hosted by LSE student society. Alice and her staff brought with a professional and all-round introduction about investment bank and how to get in an investment bank, which is precious for a first year student who know little about the hub. After the panel, I decided to take the 3-hours crash course and CV upgrading service, which eventually turned out to be really helpful for me. During the crash course, we got a brief but professional lecture about basic finance knowledge and valuation methods applied in real words, we even got some bonus content for technical questions asked frequently in interviews. All of this  gives me a specific direction to where I should improve myself. I’m now still trying to get into an investment bank, and certainly I will continue choose CitySail as my partner to help me. I would definitely recommend CitySail to all of my friends who share the same goal but are still in loss as I was at the very beginning.

Milo Crash course and CV upgrade student

I got to know CitySail at a panel held by LSE SU, where I was attracted by the main speaker’s sincerity and expertise. After the panel, I took the 3-hour Corporate Valuation Fundamentals Crash Course, through which I got some real-life modelling and valuation techniques and learned the basics of practical applications of the theoretical methodologies. The lecturer also shared some interview skills with us for free. I heartily recommend this course to all my friends and people who are hesitating about whether to take this course.

Regarding CitySail Team, they are all elites and professionals in financial institutions with recruiting experience, and some of them have really high profile positions in top investment banks. They are pretty nice and willing to offer help. When I applied for HSBC China Returns Programme, one of CitySail partners who works for HSBC gave me some guidance and introduced the staff in charge of this programme to me. I am more than grateful for CitySail’s generous help.

Alice IBD crash course student

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