Why Profile Enhancement

Have you submitted endless resumes without getting any results?
Have you emailed all possible business contacts but never heard back?
Are you nervous about tough technical questions in private equity, sales & trading, and investment banking interviews?
Unsure about industry etiquette that recruiters look for during interviews?

How we have achieved our top performing track record


Real-world application in academic methodology, handing finance core knowledge to students


40% of the students at current class have received offers from front office of top investment banks


Guaranteed to refer top student(s) at each class for an Investment Banking/Private Equity/Hedge Fund interview

Real-life bootcamp

Intensive bootcamp of quasi internship training as learning method with real-life case studies

First-hand information

First-hand information on latest development of each financial institution from interviewers’ expert view, well positioning you on CV/interviews prep

All-star team

From founders to each instructors, all teachers from top investment banks, private equity firms and hedge funds

Our profile enhancement programmes

CV cover letter review
£99 + VAT

Free access to our internal encyclopedia

2 rounds of CV or cover letter review

2 days of review/comment turnaround time

Mock interview AC preparation 30 min
£99 + VAT

Free access to our internal encyclopedia

30 min of mock interview or AC preparation

5 days of scheduling turnaround time

How it works

Investment Banking Interview CV review

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