Why real-world bootcamp

Investment Banking, Private Equity, M&A, Sales & Trading, Consulting courses with real-world application
Guaranteed to refer top students who have taken the bootcamp class to interview
Quasi analyst / associate internship program as training method of real-life deal execution
Bootcamp at your own discretion of 3-hour crash course, 1-day primer course, or 4-day complete course

Teaches participants the practical applications of the theoretical methodologies, equipping you with the real knowledge applied on Wall Street and in the City

Explores the modelling, valuation techniques commonly used by investment banks, private equity firms and hedge funds

Focuses on highly technical and practical knowledge applied in real-world on daily operation

Instructors from top investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds only, ensuring unparalleled teaching quality and consistency with IB/PE/HF interviews

Class combined with step-by-step excel practice on valuation/model, lecture on technical knowledge, and case study

Enhances your finance, accounting, modelling and valuation fundamental knowledge and skillsets

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