Why Investment Banking Internship Referrals

Concerned that your experience section on CV remains empty / non-relevant to your dream job?
Envious those finance job offers always go to the same top 2% candidates?
Worried that year after year, your CV and candidacy gap is getting bigger and bigger from the top candidates?
Ever wondered why no matter how hard you try, your application and networking ended nowhere?

How it works

CitySail Investment Banking Internship Referral 

Investment Banking Referral program details

What we offer

We guarantee to refer you directly to the owner or head of recruiting

Your CV will be reviewed and commented by our senior mentor in the job you are applying to

We will train you the technical and soft skill knowledge required in your position

Our coach in the job you are applying to will give you a one-on-one mock interview

What you need

Complete our intense training program successfully

Revise your CV to "perfect" condition in accordance to our guidance in Finance Library

Review interview questions in our Finance Library and practice ahead of the mock interview session

Remember the interview is down to YOU to prove your qualification

Program consideration

£4,000 all-in package at purchase

£2,000 refunded if you do not pass the interview*

*non refundable if you have received the offer but did not accept it

Got a question? We are here to help