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We are the long term partner with Finance Society, Investment Club, and Business Society of UK's top universities
In partnership, we advance together with our customers' finance career

Track record

Proven track record of our students receiving full time and internship offers from world's top financial institutions
Whole team of current and ex investment bankers, private equity professionals with extensive industry knowledge

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#1 investment banking, private equity, finance training. All instructors with top financial institutions background

Guaranteed to refer top students. Proven track record of customers continuously receiving top investment banks' offers

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Real-world bootcamp

Investment banking, private equity and hedge fund bootcamp courses with real-world practice. Instructed only by top front-office financiers

Profile enhancement

Upgrade your profile by enhancing your CV, Cover Letter, Thank-you Email, Networking and Mock Interview. Conducted only by the experienced professionals in the position you are applyhing to

Finance resources

Free access to our finance resources of first-hand information. Articles on financial knowledge, CV writing, interview techniques and career advice from insiders

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